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Sedikit tentang metabolisme

Think of these five keys as ways to come into better balance with your eating habits and your relationship to food. Nutrition and metabolism are intimately regulated by natural rhythms. Living a rhythmic life can bring us back into balance physically and emotionally.

By bringing the power of rhythm into our relationship with food, the body finds its rightful place. Rhythm grounds the soul in the world.

The five keys:

1. Alignment with the rhythms of life brings our metabolism into its fullest force.

2. Digestive and calorie-burning metabolism are strongest when the sun is highest in the sky (lunchtime) and weakest in the late evening hours.

3. Skipping breakfast and lunch or not eating enough at these meals slows down metabolism and inhibits weight loss.

4. Eating at irregular and unpredictable times each day causes our digestive and calorie-burning metabolism to fall out of sync.

5. Excessive consumption of refined carbohydrates out of rhythm with the seasons makes the brain think it’s summer and signals the body to store more fat.


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