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Garlic Remedy

Saya sangat suka consume garlic Shaklee kerana ia tidak berbau dan menyenangkan bau badan walau berpeluh seharian.Uniknya dengan garlic Shaklee, saya hanya perlu memakan sebanyak 2 biji yang bersamaan dengan satu buku bawang putih asli. Namun bagi mereka yang ingin mencuba secara tradisional, ini lah petuanya.

Subject: Fw: Self Detoxification

Before you go to bed at night, prepare this magic potion: Finely chop or
use the food blender to chop up two cloves of fresh garlic and let it
expose to the air for a few minutes while you wash up your blender or
chopping board.

The chopping releases the enzyme allinase in the garlic. Gather the
chopped garlic on a spoon and swallow it with water.

The garlic will travel your entire digestive tract while you sleep and
scavenge and neutralize all the toxins, carcinogens, harmful bacteria,
fungi, viruses, foreign chemical before they can harm your healthy cells.

Swallowing the chopped garlic will not give you garlic breath, as long as
you don’t chew it. You brush your teeth and rinse your mouth before you go
to bed anyway.

In the morning, drink a big glass of water. Your first bowel movement will
have a strong garlic odor and you will know that the harmful stuff have
been eliminated from your body. Try it, especially if you have had a bad
eating day.

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