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Fiber, The Vital Missing Nutrient

It seems incredible that just one single factor, fiber , can have such a dramatic effect on our health and well being but the latest research is simply overwhelming! As our fiber intake has dropped to 8-12grams a day, the desease listed below have increased dramatically. Even more amazing is the fact taht countries with high fiber intake do not have signicant numbers of these deseases. When citizens begin to eat our low fiber diet, they get the deseases. Understanding fiber may be the single most important step you can take in improving your health.

Fiber covers its role in

heart desease
weight lose
colon desease
varicose veins
high blood pressure

The high points of high fiber

1. Those who tend to become overweight often have a delayed”satisfaction response” I takes 15-20 minutes for the brain to get the message that we are full. A true”chubby” can be well into a second or third helping before the message is received. A high roughage meals takes longer to eat and a person on a high fiber diet is much more likely to get the”I am full”message before massive quantities of food are ingested.

2. Fat folks generally consume their food quickly. They are”speed eaters”. A high fiber diet take longer to chew and automatically slows down the speed of consumption.

3. As a high fiber is chewed, large amounts of saliva and gastric juiscer are produced. The extra liquid mixed with the fiber and causes it to swell. this gives a nice feeling of “fullness” that many weight lpss diets do not provide. Most of us with a weight problem truly hate to be hungry. It makes us nervous, cross and anxious.

4. Fiber slows the release of sugar into the bloodstream. 2 things make you feel hungry , an empty stomach and low blood sugar. Fiber gives a nice , long, steady release of sugar into bloodstream , reducing the hunger pangs, headaches, and tiredness produced by rapid blood sugar drops.

5. A diet in high fiber can actually impair the ability of the body to absorb calories. This means you can actually consume a few more calories and still lose weight.

6. It is well known that those who consume a high fiber diet excrete more fat in each bowel movement than those on low fiber diets. Fiber tends to bind fats that are usually absorbed.

7. Constipation is eliminated. Having read this far you know some of the problems chronic constipation can produce. This is one reason ! encourage low calories, low roughage diets.

8.Is is safe? The answer to that is the diet has been thoroughly tested by hundreds of millions of people over the past several thousand years. It is rhe natural, normal, rational, sane and comfortable diet of mankind.

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5 thoughts on “Fiber, The Vital Missing Nutrient

  1. Arnie

    Fiber tabs dan fiber unflavoured ni bezanya cuma fiber unflavoured ni kandungan serat larut airnya tinggi berbanding fiber tabs, ini sangat bagus untuk kurangkan tahap kolesterol dan gula bagi pengidap diabetes.

    Namun untuk diet, kedua2nya boleh diambil cuma dari segi harga fiber unflavoured lagi berbaloi la. ianya tahan lebih lama.

  2. Untuk consume fiber unflavoured, cuma campurkan 1 sudu teh dalam apa2 minuman yang berperasa ataupun susu. Manakala fiber tabs pula perlu diambil sebanyak 5 tabs setiap kali selepas meal untuk beri rasa kenyang.

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